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Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Signature Edition signs on with 800-plus horsepower

Shelby also plans to give the GT350 some love with its own Signature Edition model.

Ford Shelby GT500SE
Hear it roar? Of course you don't, you can't hear pictures... or can you?

Shelby American is ready to sharpen the Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 even more. Last Friday, the company announced the Shelby GT500 Signature Edition, and it packs over 800 horsepower.

We don't have a final horsepower figure yet, but at least 40 extra hp comes from a new pulley and coolers for the supercharged 5.2-liter V8 engine. Engineers also slimmed the car down by 30 pounds, thanks to lightweight elements such as a carbon-fiber hood. In addition, there's a new set of track-focused springs and a more aggressive suspension tune. New wheels and tires, plus special badges, are included, and Shelby will even fit the car with a wide-body kit, should you desire.

While the changes won't be as extensive, the Shelby GT350 gets its own Signature Edition, specifically to celebrate the car's 55th anniversary. The company said each GT350 Signature Edition receives several "functional styling elements" along with a new handling package and badges to mark the car's significance. Like the GT500 Signature Edition, the GT350 also gets upgraded wheels and tires. Those who order a 2020 GT350 will get special anniversary badges, but Shelby will gladly convert 2015-2019 cars with the modifications as well. They just won't get the anniversary treatment, but they'll still enter the official Shelby registry, as will the GT500 models.

For hardcore Shelby fanatics, the company said it will offer a special "First 15" package for those who order their cars by Aug. 14. Those who partake will receive an invite to some sort of special gathering in Las Vegas, a photo opportunity with their car at Shelby's Vegas headquarters and one of the first 15 Shelby serial numbers for these cars. If you don't grab one of the first 15, each car still has a little bonus attached; Shelby said each purchase includes a donation to the Carroll Shelby Foundation, which notably provides education, training and opportunities for young people interested in the automotive sector.

Shelby plans to build 100 of each car per year. For the GT500, you're looking at $29,995 atop the price of the car, which starts at $70,300. The GT350 will cost $9,995 extra after providing your own car, and the package is also available for the GT350R.

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