Ford Ranger FX2 Package adds off-road kit and looks for 2WD models

It costs $595, which feels like a bargain.

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Off-road tires and trucks are always a good match.


If you want Ford's comprehensive FX4 off-road package for your midsize pickup, you have to option the truck with four-wheel drive. What, then, for buyers who only need to make do with two? Before today, you'd have to ask the aftermarket for help, but now, Ford has an in-house solution.

Ford on Wednesday unveiled the Ranger FX2 Package. As the name suggests, this optional package applies to 2WD Rangers, offering up a bit more off-road-related equipment, along with a few aesthetic enhancements. It's not as all-inclusive as the FX4 upgrade, but it's a fair bit more affordable. Ford says it's "aimed more at urban markets," probably because those truly keen on hitting the rough stuff will opt for a 4WD Ranger.

The FX2 Package starts off with a set of 17-inch off-road tires, although 18s are also available, along with a FX2 badge for the side of the bed. The air dam is removed, and there's a new front underbody guard in its place. Behind the body, there's an electronically locking rear differential and off-road-tuned suspension. The package is capped off with Ford's off-road gauge cluster display, which shows vehicle pitch, roll and yaw.

The FX4 equipment group, by comparison, is a bit more involved. That one also includes tow hooks and additional skid plates. It also includes the Terrain Management System, which changes vehicle parameters based on what's under the wheels, whether it's mud, sand, gravel or snow. The FX4 package also includes Trail Control, which holds a preselected speed over various types of terrain.

But, for its price, the FX2 package is a solid deal. All that kit will only cost $595, compared with the FX4's $1,295 price tag. This upgrade can be ordered at dealers now, with deliveries expected to commence later this year.

Hit the dirt, but not too hard, in the Ford Ranger FX2 off-road package

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