Six Ford Ranger concepts prepared to invade 2019 SEMA show

And for those fans of the van life, there are two Transit concepts, too.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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Ford Performance Parts Ranger concept 2019 SEMA

All the accessories!


Ladies and gentlemen, it's the aftermarket's most wonderful time of the year: SEMA . Ahead of the aftermarket-focused trade show in Las Vegas, decided to share a bushel of the concepts it has planned. Ford Ranger fans, you're in for a treat.

In total, there are six Ranger pickup concepts scheduled to debut when the show kicks off on Nov. 5, and they range from something for the street to the overlanding pickup of one's dreams.

First up is the Ford Ranger Tjin Edition, which is one for the stance crowd. The pickup deliberately shies away from typical modifications such as a lift kit and all-terrain goodies in favor of a wide-body kit and air suspension. The latter slams the Ranger 8 inches lower in front and 9 inches lower at the rear. A few light Roush performance upgrades round out the build overall.

The RTR Rambler Ranger takes things in a different direction. Built for the camper, not the glamper, the RTR Ranger features a built-in tent and a snowboard support capsule. To make sure drivers get where they need to go, a Ford Performance-Fox off-road suspension kit and 33-inch tires report for duty. The suspension kit also gives the pickup a 2-inch lift and underbody rock protection helps keep damage at bay.

Both the Yakima and Advanced Accessories concepts follow a similar path, though the former is far more for lighter overlanding. No tents or things like that. The Yakima Ranger gets beefier RPG bumpers and side steps, the same Ford Performance-Fox suspension kit previously mentioned and a winch. It also has a bike mount and kayak holder so you can strap a couple of toys onboard.

AAC Ford Ranger 2019 SEMA concept

Very nifty bed conversion on the Advanced Accessories concept. 


The Advanced Accessories concept, meanwhile, gets a very cool rear conversion. Instead of a traditional bed, it's an aluminum tray bed with a canopy. Icon provides a 3.5-inch lift kit and skid plates cover essential areas. A tent and a refrigerator are onboard to help keep the overlanding dreams alive.

But wait, there are more overlanding machines. Next up are the Hellwig Ranger and the Ford Performance Parts Ranger. Both of them also run with the overlanding. The Hellwig is very cool because it boasts solar power to make remote off-roading more sustainable. To get to the middle of nowhere, it sports a 3.5-inch suspension lift kit from Icon, rock sliders and bumpers from Addictive Desert Designs and more. Completing the mobile campsite of sorts are a bed-slide stove and a hard-shell tent.

If the name doesn't give it away, the Ford Performance Parts Ranger features, well, a bunch of parts from the automaker's performance parts division. Ranger Raptor wheels fill out each corner and they're wrapped in BFGoodrich all-terrain tires. Meanwhile, a hood-hinge light kit lights the way and there's a heavy-duty recovery kit should something go awry. Like the others, a rooftop tent makes for a cozy sleeping area, plus there's a fridge and a freezer.

For those living the van life, Ford has two Transit concepts to show off as well. They'll undoubtedly be overshadowed by the sheer amount of overlanding force on display.

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