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Ford patent application imagines mobile entertainment centers

Want to watch the game from the car? How about a tailgate-mounted projector?

Ford liftgate projector patent
Sportsball from a Ford. What a world we (could maybe) live in.

Streaming video while driving is a cardinal no-no for drivers, but what if the vehicle could do it when parked? One of Ford's latest patent applications appears to center around the idea of turning its vehicles into mobile movie theaters of sorts, only active when stationary.

Motor Authority first reported on the patent application on Tuesday. The application describes a tailgate-mounted projector that projects television or any video onto an external device. Imagine lifting the tailgate to stream a movie under the stars or maybe even playing a video game as the sun sets around the fire. It's more glamping than camping, but very neat nonetheless.

The patent also talks about a second function to just provide exterior lighting. For example, the projector could cast light onto a table where a group is as night falls. Card games by the fire are so analog. Granted, this kind of technology could have many other uses outside of camping or a day in the wilderness.

That's about all there is to the patent since it's pretty self-explanatory. Always note that automakers file thousands of patents every year and there's no guarantee this technology will even see the light of day. This application was first filed back in 2017 and the application status moved to "pending" this Tuesday.

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