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Ford Mustang GT500 rendering hits the web

Consider this your reminder that a 700-plus-horsepower Shelby GT500 is coming soon.

We hear this thing will likely pack over 700 horsepower. Yowza.


While Ford's future vehicle lineup will largely focus on crossovers and electrified vehicles, don't forget: the iconic Mustang isn't going anywhere. And in case you need a reminder, Ford offers this teaser image of the upcoming Shelby GT500, which is expected to arrive next year with more than 700 horsepower under its hood.

Ford officially confirmed its plans for a new GT500 back in January, and we got our first shadowy look in March. This new rendering -- requested by Motor Trend for its latest issue -- gives us a glimpse of the coupe from above, showing off its vented hood, wide hips and huge rear spoiler. Cool stripes, brah.

We don't know much else about Ford's new range-topping Mustang, but we can't imagine it'll disappoint. After all, Ford's current Shelby-badged offering, the GT350, is one of our favorite sports cars, and this one will be even more ferocious. Sign us up.