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The new Ford Fusion we won't get wears a sharp design

It looks a lot like China's Evos, but this Fusion replacement won't be for America as far as we know.

Feast your eyes on a handsome new sedan. And since this Ford Fusion, or Mondeo as Europe knows it, is a sedan, you know it won't be heading to America. Nevertheless, this is a look at what could've been if Ford decided the Fusion was worth saving here in the US.

The photos you see here were posted to China's Ministry of Information and Industry on Monday and they show what will be known as the Mondeo in China. Ford plans to retire that car in Europe, a couple years after giving the Fusion the hook here in North America. With its newfound life in China, the Mondeo takes a heaping dose of inspiration from the recently revealed Evos, also just for China. While the Evos is a wagon of sorts, the Mondeo remains a traditional sedan. The front fascia, just like the Evos, remains seriously good-looking with a lot of sharp lines. The rear, meanwhile, definitely looks related to the Fusion with a light bar serving as the taillights and similar cues from the car once sold here.

Ford Mondeo China leak

This looks a lot like the Fusion we once knew.

China MIIT

We don't get a good look at the cockpit, but it's a safe bet it shares a lot with the Evos there, too. If that's the case, drivers will find a nearly end-to-end screen spanning the dashboard and, overall, a lovely design. 

There've been rumors Ford has something cooking to replace the Fusion here in the US, and said rumors pointed to a high-riding wagon of sorts, kind of like the unloved and now-dead Buick Regal TourX. We'll need to see what plays out, but for now, we're staring at forbidden Chinese fruit.