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Ford Focus RS taxi is the best way to travel Norway

It sure as heck beats another Crown Victoria.

If you had to choose between a 350-hp hot hatch and a hybrid for your next taxi ride, which would you opt for? I mean, is there really even a choice here?

Ford this week published a YouTube video telling the story of Evald Jåstad, a Norwegian cabbie who rocks a Ford Focus RS instead of a more traditional taxi. He starts each morning by taking his kid to school -- and naturally, his son is always asking for more gas.

His RS is just a bit wilder than the one you get at the dealership. Sporting a set of OZ Rally Racing wheels (in the video, at least) and an exhaust that sure doesn't sound like the factory one, his hot hatch looks ready to hit a rallycross stage after work. His customers call it "Blue Lightning," which is pretty appropriate.

When you've got 96-year-olds saying how awesome your taxi is, and when you get the chance to blast down narrow, winding roads between fares, you know Jåstad is living his best life.