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Ford F-150 and Lincoln MKX recalled for battery fire risk

Separate issues surrounding each vehicle's battery assembly are to blame.

2019 Ford F-150
Lots of other issues may show up in affected F-150s, too.
Emme Hall/Roadshow

The portion of Ford F-150 and the Lincoln MKX models will need to go back to the dealership after the automaker announced two separate recalls for the vehicles.

Both problems involve the battery assembly, but differ slightly. For the F-150, an issue with the battery-terminal fastener increases the risk of short and even a fire. It affects the 2019-2020 model years. Ford said the fastener may be loose due to too much adhesive on the terminal joint contact for a monitoring sensor.

Aside from the fire risk, the loose connection could wreak havoc with other systems. Owners may see gauge clusters go wonky, and braking and steering assist systems may disappear with the poor connection. Total, there are 135,725 pickup trucks affected. Dealers will inspect the affected truck, and if there's excess adhesive, a technician will remove it. From there, they'll reassemble the joint and re-torque the fasteners to where it needs to be.

For Lincoln MKX owners, there's a different battery issue. The automaker said in models with the 3.7-liter V6 hailing from the 2016-2017 model years the battery cable harness may not have enough clearance. This component may come in contact with the transmission shifter cable bracket, and over time, it could grind through wiring insulation. If this happens, the chance of a short circuit and a fire increases. 

Ford said it is aware of three fires that may be related to this issue, but there are no reported injuries. Total, there are 54,411 models included in the recall.

Upon bringing their MKX to a dealer, a technician will remove the four battery clips and install both a wire channel shield and a protective sleeve for the battery cable harness. No word on when the recall notices will go out, but keep an eye on the mailbox for more information.

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