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Ford cars will go all electric, all the time in Europe by 2030

The ambitious plan comes with a $1 billion investment for Ford's plant in Cologne, Germany, which will become an EV manufacturing hub.

Here come the plugs.
Nick Miotke/Roadshow

This decade could very well be when EVs start to take hold, and news like Ford's latest European announcement make it seem more plausible each day. On Wednesday, the Blue Oval said its entire vehicle lineup in Europe will be completely electric come 2030. Even before then, Ford promised a "zero-emissions-capable" portfolio by 2026, meaning the company will offer electric cars and plug-in hybrids that will make zero-emissions trips possible around town.

Roadshow confirmed with Ford this isn't a wider interpretation of the phrase "all-electric," and a spokesperson underscored, "By 2030, all passenger vehicles will be all electric" in Europe.

The move to EVs won't only affect personal vehicles, but also Ford's commercial vehicle business in Europe, too. We already got a taste of what's to come on that front with the E-Transit, but there's more to come. By 2024, Ford Europe's commercial vehicle lineup will also consist of plug-in hybrids or EV options. That zero-emissions-capable phrase came up again, hinting we'll still see some traditional engines involved, at least on the commercial vehicle side of things.

All of it revolves around a $1 billion investment in Ford's plant in Cologne, Germany, where the current facility will transform into an electric vehicle manufacturing hub. For now, all we know is Ford will build a Europe-specific EV at the plant starting in 2023 and it'll ride on Volkswagen's MEB platform. The two operate a strategic alliance that could open the door to another VW-based Ford EV as well.

The EV era isn't specific to Europe for Ford, though. Earlier this month, CEO Jim Farley said the automaker will double its investment in electric cars to $22 billion. It comes as EVs remain a tiny sliver of all new cars sold, but with coming emissions regulations and increasing calls to confront climate change, automakers are starting to get their portfolios into gear.

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