New Ford E-Transit Custom Is an Electric Van With a Funny Face

This cargo hauler has a range of up to 236 miles, and a passenger version is coming too.

Electric Ford E-Transit Custom Van
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Electric Ford E-Transit Custom Van

The E-Transit Custom looks pretty sweet.


While we only get the massive big-boy Transit and the smaller, now outdated Transit Connect in the US, Ford sells a Transit Custom van in Europe that sits in between the two in terms of size and is the best-selling van on the continent. On Monday Ford unveiled a new electric version called the E-Transit Custom, the first of four EV vans that the blue oval will release by 2024.

The E-Transit Custom looks mostly similar to the gas-powered van, but it has a funky redesigned front end with a longer nose. The large grille has a cool pattern and actually does some cooling duty, and the E-Transit gets unique LED lights with a light bar that runs across the front end. Other changes include new LED taillights, a different rear bumper and more prominent bulges on the hood. Its charging port is on the front bumper below the headlight.

Electric Ford E-Transit Custom Van

It can power your stuff!


Ford hasn't said anything about the E-Transit Custom's motor or battery pack, but it has a range of up to 236 miles. Its motor will likely be situated at the rear axle like on the larger E-Transit, with potentially up to 266 horsepower. The E-Transit Custom will have DC fast-charging capability, and Ford says its towing performance will be the same as the normal Transit Custom. It also has the same Pro Power Onboard tech as the F-150 Lightning and hybrid, which lets the E-Transit power things like tools and even other vehicles.

Production of the E-Transit Custom will start next year at Ford's factory in Kocaeli, Turkey, where most of Ford's other vans are built. One of Ford's three other upcoming electric vans will be the Tourneo Custom, the passenger version of the Transit Custom, with the other two to likely be the new Volkswagen-based Transit Connect and the even smaller Transit Courier.

The Ford E-Transit Custom Is a New Electric Van for Europe

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Article updated on May 9, 2022 at 11:08 AM PDT

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