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Ford Bronco Sport prices climb upward again, report says

According to a reported letter, Ford's bumping prices up as part of "competitive pricing action."

2021 Ford Bronco Sport
No surprise here.
James Lipman/Ford

Those in the market for Ford's hot new Bronco Sport will be met with slightly higher prices, according to a report last Friday from Cars Direct. Citing a letter Ford sent to dealers, prices will climb by as much as $540. It marks the second time Ford hit the rugged, compact SUV with a price bump one year into its launch.

According to the letter, Ford invoked "competitive pricing action" to justify this midyear price increase. The automaker didn't immediately return a request for comment on the changes, but for those looking at the cheapest Bronco Sport, prices will now start at $28,710 after a steep $1,495 destination charge.

The change marks a $395 increase from the old starting price, but the better equipped Bronco Sport Big Bend trim gets a slightly larger $400 increase. Moving up the trim ladder, the Outer Banks and Badlands trims each get a $540 increase. Combined with a previous price increase of $160 across the board, Cars Direct points out the MSRP is now up to $700 more than when Ford sent the first of the SUVs to dealers this year.

The Bronco Sport isn't the only vehicle in for a price hike. According to the letter, Ford has similar, small price bumps in store for almost all of its vehicles on sale, including the Bronco Sport's more city-friendly cousin, the Escape.

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