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Ford Bronco Raptor catches air in teaser photo

Or is that Bronco Warthog? We don't know what Ford plans to call this new beast just yet.

Ford Bronco Raptor teaser

You thought Bronco news was done for 2020? Heck no. Here's your first look at the Ford Bronco Raptor, which should sit atop the SUV's hierarchy as the most capable and performance-oriented Bronco of the bunch. To be clear, we don't know if "Bronco Raptor" is final. There have been rumors that the "Warthog" name may be in the mix. For now, either suffix will do.

Ford published the single teaser photo on Tuesday across social media, and it shows the Bronco Raptor flying after catching some air in the dirt. There's clearly a ton of room for suspension travel on this Raptor-Warthog machine. It looks like the body's ready to detach from the chassis; it also looks like a ton of fun.

Ford hasn't done a great job of hiding the fact that it had some sort of performance Bronco in the works, but honestly I'm a little surprised it shared this so soon after the standard Bronco's reveal. The standard SUV won't be ready until spring of 2021, so it's not clear if the Bronco Raptor will follow closely behind it or if Ford just wants to ramp up the hype machine a little more. Not that it needs to because the excitement is very real surrounding the Bronco's return in general.

We'll keep our eyes peeled for more news on the next Bronco variant.

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