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Fiat Chrysler patent application shows off a turbocharged inline-six

Rumors have persisted that a new inline-six engine is coming from FCA, and this patent application is pretty good evidence.

FCA patent application featuring inline-six engine

The rumor mill spins numerous whispers often, and a turbocharged inline-six engine from Fiat Chrysler is one that's persisted for years now. The latest piece of evidence, however, isn't based on words -- we have a picture.

In a patent application for an exhaust gas recirculation system for turbocharged gasoline-powered engines, FCA happened to use an image of an inline-six unit. The automaker's patent application was granted this past April, Mopar Insiders reported on Sunday, after discovering the application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The application was first submitted back in 2017.

It doesn't appear FCA just so happened to use an inline-six engine for an example, either. This year, FCA received two other patents for systems related to engines and both of those applications include images of V6 engines. The differentiation is likely present for a good reason, and there's no hiding the image shows an inline-six mill.

An FCA spokesperson said in a statement that the company "prefer[s] not to comment on speculation regarding future product."

Mopar Insider has followed this rumor closely for years now and cites unnamed sources claiming this engine is internally known as GME-T6 or the "Tornado." The power plant is rumored to serve in multiple FCA vehicles and make anywhere between 360 and 525 horsepower with a high-performance version, presumably with more than one turbo. The engine will also supposedly support the automaker's eBooster technology, which works to eliminate turbo lag.

Crucially, the engine may also help save FCA a few bucks, since it will likely be more efficient to build this inline-six engine on the same assembly line as its GME-T4 turbocharged inline-four engine. Both the inline-six and inline-four will most certainly be related, if the automaker does, indeed, have such a mill in the works.

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Originally published Nov. 12, 10:26 a.m. PT.
Update, 1:56 p.m.: Adds statement from FCA.