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Ferrari's special 812 Superfast will rev to 9,500 rpm and sing sweet V12 noises

The marque released just one photo of the supercar for now and hyped its launch for next month.

Ferrari 812 Superfast special edition
I'll take two.

It's always a good day when we learn of a new Ferrari coming. Today, the Italian company revealed the first image of a new limited-edition 812 Superfast set to launch next month. Right now, all the company's saying is the car sports 818 horsepower from its V12 engine and it'll rev to 9,500rpm. Heck. Yes.

Ferrari said it will reveal the car's name and further technical specifications at the reveal, but the car aims to encompass the best of a front-engined, sports coupe from the brand. We're promised quite a bit of re-engineering in the V12 engine and a new exhaust system to help push power to 818 hp, up from the standard 812 Superfast's 788 hp. Further, Ferrari engineers found a way to shave some weight from the car and the company teased a lighter vehicle with the use of more carbon fiber and inside and out.

In the wind tunnel, designers and engineers worked hand-in-hand to enhance the car's aerodynamics, which resulted in plenty of tweaks. Chief among them is the new rear single-piece aluminum structure rather than the standard car's glass windshield. Ferrari added this also helps the rear achieve more of a fastback look with more emphasis, while the hood appear shorter, thanks to a carbon-fiber blade spanning it.

Stay tuned for full details when the brand reveals the special 812 Superfast fully on May 5.