Ferrari's 488 Pista special edition is for race car drivers only

If you're not a fan of the Italian flag, this isn't for you.

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As if being a race car driver, amateur or otherwise, wasn't already badass enough, now Ferrari has a special-edition version of a special edition version of its supercar that only the aforementioned group can enjoy.

Say hello to the "Piloti Ferrari" variant of the Ferrari 488 Pista. It's just an aesthetics package on top of the Pista, but it's about as exclusive as a Ferrari can get. The exterior sports an Italian flag livery, an homage to the 488 GTE Le Mans racer. The side of the car has a space just for the owner's racing number, and the exterior aesthetics are rounded off with matte-black ducting and carbon fiber bits.


As far as flag-related liveries go, this is pretty mild.


The interior is clad in black Alcantara suede. The Italian flag is once again featured front and center, this time on the seatbacks. You can also see red, white and green on the edges of the shift paddles and the floor mats. The owner's racing number appears on the steering wheel base, and all the carbon fiber bits have a matte finish.

There's also an exclusive identification plate, in case your friends don't really believe that it's your car and that you race Ferraris in your spare time.

Otherwise, it's the same ol' Ferrari 488 Pista, itself a special variant of the standard 488 GTB. It's about 50 horsepower above the standard 488, putting out somewhere in the region of 710 horsepower. The engine itself is lighter than usual, thanks to a collection of Inconel parts from the 488 Challenger race car. It also produces 20 percent more downforce than the 488 GTB thanks to a higher spoiler and tweaked diffusers.

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Thank goodness for the splashes of color inside, otherwise you might need a flashlight to navigate your way through the darkness.


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