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Fenix AR helmet rises from the ashes of Skully at CES

The new Skully Technologies will honor backers from the failed Skully Incorporated crowdfunding campaign.

If the name Skully Technologies sounds familiar to you, you may remember an ill-fated Indiegogo campaign in 2016. That's when Skully Incorporated raised nearly $2.5 million dollars in preorders for an augmented-reality motorcycle helmet, and then folded, leaving its backers high and dry.

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While the company shares part of its name with Skully Incorporated, it has both new engineers and advisory board. At CES, Skully Technologies wants to make one thing clear: it plans to make things right.

Those that contributed the full price of the old company's helmet will get a new Fenix AR augmented-reality helmet in the summer of 2018.

The Fenix AR brings some of the cool technology that cars have had for quite some time now into the motorcycle world. There is a rear-view camera that displays a 180-degree view on a transparent head-up display along with turn-by-turn navigation. When paired to a smartphone through Bluetooth, voice commands can be used to make phone calls and start music playback.

The Fenix AR will be available for purchase later this year for $1,899. There will not be a crowdfunding campaign.

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