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FedEx deliveries to ship autonomously in Texas via Aurora and PACCAR partnership

FedEx will ship deliveries between Dallas and Houston with PACCAR's autonomous truck prototypes and Aurora's self-driving software.

Aurora, PACCAR, FedEx autonomous semi
Autonomous trucking is heading to Texas roads.

Self-driving cars allude us and likely won't be ready on a wide scale for decades. However, there's a whole subset of companies looking to automate delivery and shipping vehicles. On that front, PACCAR and Aurora have big news to share. The two announced a partnership with FedEx on Wednesday to bring autonomous shipping to Texas.

Specifically, FedEx will ship delivery loads with PACCAR self-driving truck prototypes equipped with Aurora self-driving software. The loads will route between Dallas and Houston to create 500-mile autonomous journeys along I-45. This puts FedEx in the game as rival UPS partners with another self-driving freight startup, TuSimple. TuSimple continues to test autonomous trucks in various cities across the US with the goal of nationwide service sometime this decade.

The FedEx pilot will operate with human safety drivers to ensure the systems behave appropriately on the road, but the goal is to have the trucks do the heavy lifting on their own. The partnership marks the first time PACCAR, a manufacturer; Aurora, a software provider; and FedEx, a logistics provider, will work together. Each company, clearly, sees major benefits in the technology.

Look for the trucks to hit the road soon as companies continue chasing the autonomous driving dream.