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This classic Porsche 911 has been electrified

Everrati took a classic 964-generation Porsche 911 and turned it into an EV. Is that sacrilegious or could it be the salvation of classic cars?

There will be a time when internal-combustion engines become a rare sight on our roads. The question remains, though: What do we do with all of the classic enthusiasts' cars that are still around? Will they gather dust in museums and private garages, only being trotted out for the occasional show so the public can gawk at the transportation of a bygone era? Or can they be updated, their hydrocarbon-drinking innards gutted, and replaced with silent running electronics? Everrati is a company trying to do the latter. 

Taking a 964-generation Porsche 911 and removing the entire drivetrain might, to some, feel like you're stripping out everything that makes a 911 a 911. But the switch does bring with it some perks. In addition to the obvious quality of having zero emissions (with fake exhaust pipes, no less), it now packs as much horsepower and more torque than the latest 911 GT3.

Despite the added heft of the batteries, the weight distribution is very similar, if not slightly improved, over a regular 964 911. This electrified mod will certainly beat any unadulterated versions of its donor car at the drag strip. 

In the video above, our man Henry Catchpole takes Everrati's electrified Porsche 911 for a spin to see if the experience holds up to that of driving the original. Is this the answer to the question of what to do with all our beloved classic cars as the march of electrification marches on? Press play to find out.