Enterprise is getting ready to offer its own car subscription service

This is the first time we've seen a more traditional rental service make a move on the new car subscription industry.

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Enterprise Challenges Hertz With Acquisition Of National And Alamo
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Enterprise Challenges Hertz With Acquisition Of National And Alamo

Enterprise is looking to expand beyond car rentals and get into the newly popular car subscription service game.

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Plenty of vehicle manufacturers and third-party companies are getting into the car subscription service game. One group we haven't seen test the waters here, and one that is arguably the best set up for it, are car rental companies. That's changing though, according to a Wednesday announcement from Enterprise.

So, how does a car rental company want to do the subscription thing? Well, to start, like other subscription services Enterprises will be based around an inclusive monthly fee. This means that outside of fuel, members won't have to pay for things like maintenance, registration or insurance.

"Our new vehicle-subscription service will offer consumers another innovative mobility alternative, without the long-term financial burden or commitment typically associated with traditional leases or purchases," said Randal Narike, executive vice president of operations for Enterprise, in a statement.

Enterprise's plan will allow users to swap vehicles up to four times per month, and they can choose from around 20 makes and models within six tiers of vehicles. If that sounds kind of like the menu you'd see at a car rental location, then congratulations, you're starting to get it.

One of the other big selling points for Enterprise is that it has around 5,800 locations throughout the country, so the odds are good that you're always going to be near one if you need to swap vehicles.

Enterprise's service will be offered in three states to begin with, though it opted not to mention which three states. Pricing was also left ambiguous, so we have no idea where it will slot into the subscription service hierarchy, but the potential convenience factory is enough to pique our curiosity.

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