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Electric go-kart, watercraft, motorcycle and more make up latest slew of BRP concepts

The company says it's not a matter of if, but when, these kinds of vehicles will make production.

BRP electric vehicle concepts
There's something electric for everyone.

Electrification isn't only for the automotive industry. No, in fact, numerous other industries are engulfed in flipping the switch from fossil fuels to electric propulsion. BRP is one of them, and while that name may not sound familiar, perhaps the brands it operates will.

BRP owns Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Can-Am and others, and what you see here are the latest concepts for each brand. The company revealed them each at the Club BRP 2020 in Las Vegas on Tuesday, but didn't provide many details on their electric powertrains. All we know for the moment is none of them takes a drop of gasoline or diesel, which should make for some torque-filled drives.

An electric motorcycle, three three-wheelers, a scooter, a go-kart and a personal watercraft (like a Jet Ski) round out the number of concepts on display. Most of them take inspiration from the models currently in production, like the Sea-Doo GTI concept or the Ryker EV concept. The latter is based on the current Cam-Am Ryker. Two other three-wheelers, the eCom and the Twelve, round out the comfortable motorcyclelike options. BRP thinks the eCom (seen with the full roof) could actually be a car alternative.

The CT1 and CT2 are the two-wheeled creations. The CT1 is the motorcycle, while the CT2 is the smaller scooter model. Finally, the Sonic go-kart is totally electric, and probably makes for great fun on a go-kart track. If you haven't experienced an electric go-kart, go do so this weekend.

There's no word on when any of the models will reach production, but Denys Lapointe, senior vice president of design, innovation and creative services for BRP, said it's not a matter of "if" but "when" they will.

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