DeLorean Reveals Vision for 2040: The Omega Concept

The revamped company thinks its future could be "Baja-themed off-road racing."

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Andy Altman

The DeLorean Motor Company's long-awaited Alpha5 electric vehicle may not go on sale until 2024, but the company is already looking more than 15 years into its future.

During this year's Pebble Beach Concours D'elegance, which took place last month, the revamped company introduced fans to two new concept vehicles: the Omega 2040 and the Alpha5 Plasmatail. DeLorean calls the Omega 2040 the next generation in its design philosophy, "with roots in Baja-themed off-road racing."


The DeLorean Alpha5 Plasmatail (green) and Omega 2040 (gray) concept vehicles.

DeLorean Motor Company

DeLorean says the Plasmatail will go on sale with the Alpha5 in 2024, but there aren't any plans to turn the Omega into anything more than a fun look at what could be. Watch the video above to learn more about both vehicles.