Coronavirus spurs Ford, FCA and Toyota to restrict employee travel

Ford and FCA have gone as far as restricting domestic travel.

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Sean Szymkowski
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FCA says travel must be "essential" to receive the OK.


The coronavirus outbreak has swiftly affected automakers around the globe, but as cases continue to climb in the US, some automakers are starting to take firm action.

Roadshow confirmed with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles that it has now restricted employee travel both abroad and domestic. The automaker's statement added leadership must "preapprove" travel and deem it "essential."

The news follows  Ford's  decision to also restrict domestic and international travel. Bloomberg reported Tuesday the decision followed after two Ford employees contracted the virus in China. Ford confirmed the restricted travel with Roadshow and said in a statement the decision "applies to all of Ford's operations globally and is intended to limit exposure of Ford employees to the virus and its movement." The automaker also added the two employees diagnosed with the coronavirus were quarantined "some time ago and recovered" from the illness.

has also taken precautionary steps and told Roadshow it has "restricted all travel outside North America to only that which is business-critical." Right now, there are no restrictions on domestic travel.

The new coronavirus, which causes the disease called COVID-19, first appeared in the US on the West Coast, namely in Washington state and California. Since then, the CDC has confirmed over 200 cases in the US and the federal government expects the number to grow as medical professionals process more tests.

Originally published March 5.
Update, March 6: Adds Ford confirmation and added detail.

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