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Continental's massive pillar-to-pillar electronic dashboard will enter production

We're not sure what car company placed the billion-euro order, but Continental claims it'll be in production in a few short years.

It's meant to be generic, but this sure looks Mercedes-ish to us.

Electronic dashboards in cars are getting bigger all the time. We've seen Mercedes, in particular, lead the charge in this department, but others aren't far behind. According to an announcement published Thursday by supplier Continental, things are about to get crazier still.

Continental announced that a well-known automaker -- it won't divulge which, exactly -- has placed a massive order for its wild, full-width triple screen vehicle dash. This looks similar to the setup that Porsche offers in the Taycan but in a different configuration.

The system is slated to go into mass-production in a vehicle in 2024, and Continental claims that the order for these screens from the unnamed car company is worth more than a billion euros.

Continental's setup is definitely impressive, but it's hard to say if it competes visually with Mercedes' utterly bonkers MBUX Hyperscreen as featured on the forthcoming EQS luxury flagship sedan -- but to be fair, not much does.

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