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Colorado Teardrops introduces its EV-range-extending Boulder trailer

With an aerodynamic profile, light weight and a big EV battery pack and DC charger, the Boulder could make EV camping a lot easier.

Being able to carry around one of those compact lithium-ion backup batteries for your phone is really convenient. If you're low on juice and you're nowhere near a plug, it can be a total lifesaver. What if there was something like that for your electric car? Even better, what if you could sleep in it?

According to an announcement it made on Wednesday, that's exactly what the Colorado Teardrops Boulder electric adventure trailer hopes to do. It's a small, aerodynamic camping trailer with a lithium-ion EV battery pack and a DC fast charger built in. The goal of the trailer's battery pack is to basically negate the impact that towing would have on your EV's range by supplementing the battery. Cool, huh?

In addition to its range-extending abilities, the Boulder trailer also has a bunch of useful trailer stuff. For example, it will sleep four, with one queen-size bed and bunk beds. It has an exterior kitchen and mod cons like a hot water heater and interior climate control.

The Boulder trailer will be priced at $55,000, and with a dry weight of just 1,950 pounds, you should be able to tow it behind plenty of EVs without a tremendous amount of trouble. There doesn't appear to be an estimated on-sale date, but Colorado Teardrops is offering five different tiers of preorders with various down-payment amounts that correspond to an earlier build slot, so if you want one sooner, prepare to pony up.

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