You can now pay for gas from inside your Jaguar

A new Shell app for some Jaguar models lets you use PayPal or Apple Pay at the pump.

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is rolling out a new program that allows you to pay for gas before you leave your vehicle.

It all starts with a new Shell app within Jaguar's latest infotainment system. This app can connect to a user's PayPal or Apple Pay account, and gas purchases can be made at Shell stations without leaving the vehicle. Android Pay will be supported later this year, as well. You can view your receipts on the touchscreen, and they'll also be sent to your email address.

Jaguar Shell
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Jaguar Shell

Tech-savvy cheaters best not use this app on the way to a dalliance. You don't want your better half find an errant receipt.


This way, if you forget your debit or credit card at home, you can still fill up. It'll also remove the need to head into the gas station to pay, which is a benefit if you have a child or pet in the car. It'll also make corporate gas payments easy, thanks to digital receipts that can be pulled up any time.

There's more than one catch, though. It appears it's limited to pre-payment, so you can't top 'er off and then pay the bill. Its available only on XE, XF and F-Pace models for the time being, although Jaguar promises it will extend to all Jaguar and vehicles in the future.

Jaguar believes this is only the start of a wireless in-car payment revolution. The company is working to adapt this to other situations, as well, including parking and drive-through restaurants. Forging partnerships with companies is the easy part -- the kicker is ensuring that payments are secure from end to end, but it appears Jaguar has that figured out.

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