CCC's Accident Advisor post-crash service coming to Volvo cars first

It's a step-by-step guide for dealing with emergency services, documentation, insurance and repairs.

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CCC Information Services Inc. has a new Accident Advisor connected service, which helps guide drivers through those first disoriented moments after a crash. It announced the service Tuesday at CES 2019 along with the news that Volvo Cars will be the first to adopt the technology.

My early days as a driver were pockmarked by more than a few vehicular collisions, so I'm a bit of a seasoned vet of the ol' info-exchange-police-report dance, but there are millions of drivers involved in auto accidents every year that are left confused and without clear instructions when their fenders get bent. CCC Accident Advisor wants to help uncomplicate these stressful encounters.

Accident Advisor isn't just an app that tells you what to do after a crash, it's a connected service offered to manufacturers of vehicles with telematics. In the event of a collision, the vehicle collects and sends crash data to the automaker in real time. The data will then be processed by CCC's artificial intelligence and translated into steps that you can follow regarding emergency services, settling up with insurance and handling collision repairs.

2019 Volvo S90 T8

Volvo is a brand committed to preventing accidents, but this CCC partnership will help drivers if a fender bender does happen.

Keiron Berndt/Roadshow

Eventually, CCC thinks that its software will even be able to detect and advise on potential injuries, reducing the risk of secondary trauma.

Volvo Car will be the first automaker to make use of CCC Accident Advisor to present contacts for emergency services and guided accident documentation including prompts for what information to record and reminders to photograph the scene. The app will then offer an easy means of transmitting that information digitally to the insurance company and offer links to repair services in the minutes following an accident. Once the car has been sent for insured repairs, the driver will even get updates on the status of their car.

"Working with CCC to bring Accident Advisor to Volvo owners is another way we can make life less complicated for customers," said Scott Doering, Vice President, Customers Service, Volvo Car USA. "By guiding customers through the post-accident process we can support them through one of the most emotional events of vehicle ownership, while ensuring cars are repaired to the safety standards that Volvo is known for."

"Many of the industry's leading national insurers are committed to leveraging CCC's accident resolution technology," said a CCC spokesperson.

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