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Carlos Ghosn's escape: 3 suspected accomplices named in Japanese warrants

Japan has issued arrest warrants for not only Ghosn, but three Americans suspected of helping the former Nissan executive.

Lebanon and Japan don't have an extradition treaty, so Ghosn will stay put.
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Carlos Ghosn remains a free man, and likely will as long as he resides inside Lebanon's borders. However, Japan, the country the former Nissan and Renault executive fled, has nevertheless issued an arrest warrant.

Alongside the warrant, Japan also issued three other warrants for accomplices suspected of helping Ghosn flee the country. They are three Americans: Michael Taylor, George-Antoine Zayek and Peter Taylor. According to a report from Time on Thursday, Japan believes the three men helped Ghosn plan his escape and also saw the wild plan through with him.

The first two men are suspected of physically helping hide Ghosn in cargo boxes at a Japanese airport before he left on a private jet. According to the Deputy Chief Prosecutor Takahiro Saito, Zayek and Michael Taylor can be seen on security footage inside the Istanbul airport around the same time Ghosn supposedly passed through. The "cargo" specifically refers to rumors Ghosn hid in a musical instrument case to escape his home.

Peter Taylor, who is supposedly Michael Taylor's son, allegedly met with Ghosn numerous times in Japan to help plan his escape. It's not clear where any of the suspected accomplices currently reside, only their nationalities.

Ghosn remains in Lebanon as a free man. The former auto industry titan holds numerous citizenships, including in Lebanon. There, he's said he escaped partial justice in Japan and feared an unfair trial. Through his entire story of alleged misconduct, Ghosn has maintained his innocence

He was arrested in late 2018 on allegations he used corporate Nissan funds as his own and under-reported income to Japanese authorities.

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