There may be a Carlos Ghosn video game coming soon and we need to play it

The game sees a lightly fictionalized version of the ex-Nissan boss making his escape from custody in a big musical instrument case.

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This is a video game we have to play.

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The flight of a man from a country where he says he isn't guaranteed a fair trial to another country halfway around the world wouldn't usually be considered funny, but in the case of disgraced ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn, it kind of is.

See, the fact that Ghosn escaped house arrest in Japan -- where he has been remanded for months -- in a flight case designed for a musical instrument is a little funny. Funny enough, in fact, that there may be a video game released soon based on the situation, Business Insider reports.

The game is called Ghone is Gone, and in it, you play a former CEO named Loscar Gon who must, according to the Steam description, "slip through the narrowest gaps to escape the country, using bribes and sometimes hiding in a musical instrument case."


Author's poorly photoshopped depiction of what the game definitely won't look like.

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If that sounds totally absurd and like the kind of game Hideo Kojima might make if he got really, really bored and had one too many edibles, then you're absolutely right. It is absurd, but I love it. I can only imagine it will be like a Metal Gear game except you're a small-of-stature Brazilian-born French businessman of Lebanese ancestry, instead of a former Green Beret and super spy. Also, instead of a cardboard box, you've got a big cello case.

Here's the rub, though. Steam often gets listings for indie games that never materialize, and since this particular game has a release date of Jan. 22, I'd hazard a guess that it will also fall into that category. The "studio" behind Ghone is Gone, Wasabi Sushi Games, has no other titles listed. Wasabi Sushi Games couldn't be reached for comment.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to add it to your Steam wish list and keep some fingers crossed that you too can soon enter... the Ghosn Zone

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