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Canoo is back with a seriously awesome truck concept

It brings to mind the old forward-control Jeeps and Land Rovers -- and we love it.

This seems like a good situation for that rooftop tent that Canoo will offer.

Modular EV startup Canoo is at it again. This time it's come up with a seriously cool truck that brings to mind the forward control Jeeps of days past. And Previas, because all Canoos kind of look like Previas.

The Canoo truck concept made its debut on Wednesday and, like all the other Canoo vehicle concepts, it's packed with cool features. Among our favorites is a fold-out bed extension that allows it to go from six feet in length to eight feet, making it big enough to haul around plywood sheets.

Up front, there's a small storage cubby which is cool, but what's even cooler is that the door to that cubby folds out into a worktable. That cubby also sports six 110-volt outlets and a few USB ports, making it a convenient place to charge devices when parked. But wait, there's more. More tables, I mean. The bed sides fold down into tables, too.


The Canoo truck offers up the same wild modularity that we saw in its recent commercial vehicle.


Like the Rivian R1T there is a pull-out on the side that can be used as a step or a storage box. It looks a bit smaller in the renders than the one in the Rivian, but honestly, who will complain about more storage?

We're also super excited about the Canoo's modular bed. It's got places where you can affix dividers to keep your cargo separate. Want your garden pavers sequestered away from your bounty of succulents? Not a problem. The bed also features both overhead lighting, as in a regular pickup and perimeter lighting inside the bed.

The Canoo team has obviously spent a bunch of time ogling overland vehicles online, too, because there will also be an available roof basket with a built-in LED light bar and a rooftop tent. It's wild. We want one.

The Canoo truck promises bigger power than we've seen in other Canoo vehicles. Canoo's announcement claims it will be available with up to 600 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque if you option up to a dual-motor setup. They estimate that it will be able to manage around 200 miles of range -- possibly more.

The Canoo truck is set to open up for preorders in Q2 of 2021, with deliveries starting in 2023.

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