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Canoo opens preorders for its funky electric delivery van

Unlike its passenger van, you don't need to subscribe to this one.

Canoo's design is honestly very cool.

Canoo hopes to be the next big thing in electric vehicles with a subscription-based model for private drivers. However, when it comes to its recently revealed delivery van lineup, you can preorder one now with cold hard cash. Canoo on Thursday opened preorders for the van, called the Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle 1, or MPDV1.

All it takes to step in line is a $100 refundable deposit that goes toward the estimated $33,000 starting price. Canoo notes the final price may change when production of the electric vans start in 2023. However, any final price will be before a federal tax credit and other various state or local credits and incentives for purchasing an EV.

For the starting $33,000 price, that also gets business owners a 40-kWh battery pack that should deliver around 130 miles of range. Prices for the van's larger battery pack configurations aren't available yet, but buyers will also have the choice of a 60- and 80-kWh battery pack. Canoo expects them to return 190 and 230 miles of range, respectively. All the while, the van will carry up to 230 cubic feet of cargo.

Eventually, an MPDV2 will join the smaller van, though Canoo's not ready to take preorders for it just yet. In its top spec, it'll sport a 80-kWh battery that should deliver 230 miles of range. But, it will also carry up to 500 cubic feet of cargo as a range trade-off.

We should get our first taste of Canoo next year when it plans to launch its first vehicle, also called the Canoo, to subscribers in the Los Angeles area.