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Cadillac's next-gen Escalade will have a 400-mile electric variant, report says

If the report is true, that's bound to be one big battery.

We're not cool enough to have spy pictures of the next-gen Escalade, so here's a picture of the outgoing generation instead.

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

The current Cadillac Escalade both looks and feels a little long in the tooth, as we discovered in our recent review. Rumors about its upcoming replacement have been all over the map, with the most specific report to date pointing at a fire-breathing V8 variant that's allegedly in the cards. But a new report claims that Cadillac will counter that hi-po Escalade with one that's decidedly greener.

Cadillac will build an all-electric Escalade, Cadillac Society reports, citing sources familiar with the project. Cadillac declined to comment to Roadshow, which is par for the course, as automakers routinely decline to discuss future products until the timing is right. We haven't even seen the regular next-generation Escalade, so talking about an EV variant at this juncture would be putting the cart a fair bit ahead of the horse.

According to Cadillac Society's report, the electric Escalade is aiming for a range of 400 miles, which would immediately make it one of the longest-range EVs available on the market. The report also suggests a bit of patience, as the EV Escalade is unlikely to debut alongside whatever trim Cadillac brings to the stage first, instead aiming for a release a little later in the new SUV's lifecycle.

Creating an electric version of Cadillac's flagship SUV makes sense with other recent Cadillac announcements. At the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, Cadillac told the world it would become the company's "lead electric vehicle brand," and an EV Escalade would certainly help solidify that position. Here's hoping the new Escalade draws some inspiration from the fantastic concept that Cadillac previewed in a rendering during that same press conference.

All we truly know for now is that GM is sparing no expense in the build-up to the debut of the new Escalade -- and its more affordable siblings, the Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon. GM announced in June that it's invested $20 million in the Arlington, Texas plant where all three SUVs are made in preparation for their newest versions. We're hopeful that at least one of the three will be unveiled later this year.

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