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Buick Electra-X Concept Previews a Sporty Electric SUV for China

Buick will introduce five production EVs to China by 2025, including two this year.

Buick Electra-X Concept
This looks awesome.

Earlier today Buick unveiled the Wildcat EV concept, a two-door coupe wearing a new design language that previews Buick's upcoming Electra production electric cars. The first Electra model will be unveiled in 2024, with Buick set to go fully electric by 2030 in the US. But for China, where Buick is nearly five times more popular than in the US, the brand designed its own new electric concept: The Electra-X. Designed and created by General Motors' team in Shanghai, the Electra-X previews an actual production model for China. While the Electra-X likely won't be sold in the US, it's certainly closer to the type of crossover we'll get than the fantastical Wildcat.

Right off the bat, while it might not have many traditional Buick design cues, the Electra-X is easily the best looking SUV the brand has ever created, whether that be production or concept car. It's got a shark nose with a huge trapezoidal grille and super thin LED headlights with a check mark shape that, along with the 'aviation-style' lights at the edges of the grille, will become a new Buick signature. The Electra-X is similar in shape and stance to the Aston Martin DBX or new Lotus Eletre, and the smooth body sides are accentuated by some sharp intake lines. The rear end has multiple spoilers with a well integrated CHSML brake light, and the Electra-X features Buick's highly modernized three-shield logo.

The infotainment screen is super slick


While the exterior of the Electra-X doesn't look far off from what could go into production, its interior is more out-there. The only real ornamentation on the dash is a 30-inch 'Freeform' screen with a 6K resolution that sits atop a row of slim air vents. Buick says the screen's pixel density is close to that of the human eye, and the new infotainment system is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip. There's also a touchscreen that forms the end of the center armrest, and Buick says the car's voice command system can control almost 50 functions and features. The Electra-X's seats use a 3D-knit fabric made from recycled bottles, and there are sweet copper accents and hidden GS logos throughout.

Buick says the Electra-X rides on GM's Ultium platform, but no real powertrain details were given. In China the brand says it will introduce 5 production electric vehicles by 2025, including two that will be revealed this year, one of which should take direct inspiration from the Electra-X. Like in the US each one will wear Electra branding, but the Chinese market will get cooler body styles like minivans and sedans -- Buick's new EVs for the US are all likely to be crossovers.