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GM files for Buick Electra trademark

Could an upcoming Buick EV use the Electra name?

Buick Electra concept
Is a production version of the Electra concept in the works?

General Motors submitted an application to trademark "Buick Electra" with the United States Trademark and Patent Office last week. If approved, this would allow GM to use the Electra name on future Buick vehicles.

Bringing back the old Electra moniker isn't really a shock, especially since Buick showed an electric crossover concept with the same name at the 2020 Beijing Motor Show. The concept used GM's Ultium battery technology and was said to have a theoretical range of 404 miles. It looked totally rad, too.

Given GM's huge plans for electrification, it makes a lot of sense for a future Buick EV to wear the Electra badge. It would certainly be a big departure from the original Electra, which was sold between 1959 and 1990.

Of course, don't forget that companies file for trademarks and patents all the time to ensure no one else swoops in and takes an up-for-grabs name. This could just be a case of GM keeping its paperwork up to date, but we won't be surprised if there's a new Buick Electra with an electric powertrain in the coming years.