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Bugatti Divo ends production with final, one-off example

The 40th and last example of the $6 million hypercar is currently being delivered to its owner.

The Divo ends its 40-unit run with a car inspired by Bugatti's history at Le Mans.

The final Bugatti Divo has been produced and is currently making its way to a customer somewhere in Europe, the French hyper-luxury, hyper-performance car manufacturer announced this week.

Launched at Monterey Car Week 2018, Bugatti (now Bugatti-Rimac) only ever planned to build 40 examples of the Divo, all of which were apparently sold before the reveal. To be honest, there's no real news here, we just couldn't turn down an excuse to post a few more pics of this truly rare beast.


None of the 40 examples are identical. Each $5.78 million car is a one-off production featuring unique paint, leatherwork and stitching, the color and materials of which having been specified by each unique customer. 

Divo numero 40 wears Bright EB 110 LM Blue exterior paint -- reminiscent of Bugatti's last official 1994 Le Mans factory race car -- which is accented with dark blue carbon. The coupe sits atop contrasting matte gold metallic wheels. Inside are more cerulean hues, this time French Racing Blue and Deep Carbon Blue, offset by matte gray carbon elements.


Though uniquely themed, all Divos share their Chiron-based underpinnings, complete with a mind-warping 1,479 horsepower and 1,180 pound-feet of torque courtesy of Bugatti's 8.0-liter W16 engine. The Divo is slightly slower than the Chiron, limited to just 236 miles per hour, but improved aerodynamics, finessed handling and a lower curb weight imbue it with a maximum lateral acceleration of 1.6 G's, which should make the limited edition more useful around corners… at least, for those bold enough to attack the track in a car worth four times more than the average American will earn in their entire lifetime.