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Bugatti's $300,000 pool table has gyroscopic self-leveling for your yacht

The Bugatti pool table is made from carbon fiber, and only 30 will be sold.

Because who doesn't want a carbon-fiber pool table?

The extent of my knowledge of the game of pool has been gleaned from watching gritty crime dramas and being bored at a bar surrounded by my straight friends. But Bugatti just unveiled a carbon-fiber pool table that costs $300,000 and has a special feature designed to make it usable on a yacht, so now I suddenly want to learn how to play.

Aptly named the Bugatti Pool Table, it was designed and engineered in partnership with IXO, a Spanish company that specializes in carbon fiber. Bugatti says it's built to the standards and specifications of professional tournament tables. The table's frame is built from machined aluminum and titanium, and the carbon-fiber body apparently "represents the sporting nature" of the Bugatti brand. The ball pockets are leather-lined and made from stainless steel, the sides of the drawers are built from CNC-machined anodized aluminum and the nuts and screws are titanium. And it's got lots of Bugatti badges, of course. The whole thing looks like the sort of pool table you'd see in the lair of a 1980s Bond villain.

It comes with a bunch of accessories, too.


Bugatti will of course provide you with all the proper accessories, too. The wall-mounted cue support is made from matching carbon and has a 13-inch touchscreen to keep track of scores on, and the carbon-fiber cues have aluminum ends that match the design of the Chiron's interior buttons. There's also a dimmable ceiling light (also made from carbon), a leather suitcase to transport the balls, an anodized aluminum chalk box and a cleaning brush. Every customer will also get a CNC-machined aluminum case with a USB drive containing photos and videos of the build process of the table.

Because many Bugatti owners also own yachts that they want to play pool on, and yachts are notoriously found in the water and thus are subject to waves and instability, the pool table is available with an optional servo-driven self-leveling system. Using a gyroscopic sensor, each leg can be individually adjusted in just 5 milliseconds to keep the pool table perfectly level when the ship is moving or swaying, and Bugatti says the system's operation is completely silent and vibration-free.

Only 30 of these pool tables will be made, with each receiving a numbered plaque, and the starting price of $300,000 includes the accessories. No word on how much the self-leveling feature is, though. Deliveries will start in June.