Can't afford a Bugatti? Try a Bugatti-branded smartwatch instead

You can have a Bugatti on your wrist for just over $1,000 and that's a good deal compared to $3 to $5 million for a Chiron.

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When you need your smartwatch to smack of French hypercar, try one of these.


Let's get real with one another, OK? We're incredibly unlikely -- any of us -- to be able to own a Bugatti during our lifetime. I mean, they cost millions of dollars to buy, and don't get me started on the cost of maintenance. Now, I'm fine with that, but what would I do if I wasn't? What if I had to own something with a Bugatti badge?

Well, now the bar to that badge is a lot lower, thanks to Bugatti's partnership with smartwatch manufacturer Viito. Together the companies have created a line of three smartwatches, which they announced on Monday.

The first three models are the Pur Sport, the Divo and La Noire. All three are part of the Ceramique Edition One, which can be purchased through a Kickstarter campaign that's live now for the surprisingly un-Bugatti-like price of just $1,097 -- down from $1,513 -- which is pricey for a smartwatch but relatively cheap for a premium timepiece.

Being a smartwatch, the Bugatti watches offer the kinds of features you'd expect, like GPS and biometric monitoring. The watch itself is built in a titanium case with a ceramic bezel (hence the Ceramique name). The watch uses a 390x390-pixel square touchscreen that lives under sapphire crystal glass for scratch resistance.

The styling is also somewhat customizable, too, if you contact Viito, so you can make your watch just like your dream Bugatti at a tiny fraction of the cost. However, don't expect it to retain its value like one of the cars from Molsheim or sound as cool.

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