Bowlus Terra Firma trailer takes you way off-grid in high luxury

The lightweight trailer is packing serious tech and lots of unique features.

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This gorgeous hunk of polished metal only weighs 3,200 pounds, making it very easy to tow.


Given how stir-crazy many of us have gone over the past year, the idea of hooking up a trailer to your vehicle and wandering out into the wilderness is understandably appealing. It becomes infinitely more appealing when you think about doing that in the new Bowlus Terra Firma trailer, announced on Tuesday.

Not only is the Terra Firma gorgeous to look at, with its polished metal exterior and that epic-looking boat tail, but it's also surprisingly high tech. For example, the Terra Firma is powered by lithium-iron batteries, similar to those that you'd find in an electric car. This allows the trailer to operate with power for quite a long time off-grid.

There are other neat touches, too, like a heated floor and app-controlled HVAC, which lets you turn on the air conditioner or heater remotely -- perfect for those of you who travel with animals. If you want to control the system from inside the trailer, there's a touchscreen for that. It also allows you to control the trailer's power management system. 


Travel trailer or luxury suite?


The Terra Firma has the doomsday prepper crowd handled too, with HEPA filters for incoming air and built-in water filtration and UVC lighting to help sanitize surfaces. It's a germophobe's dream. Other quality-of-life features include a 60-second hitch system, smart trailer brakes and GPS tracking. Did I mention that the Bowlus only weighs 3,200 pounds? You can tow it with just about anything (note the Evoque convertible in the press photos).

Even apart from the tech, there is plenty to be impressed with. The interior of the Bowlus is all wood paneled and features clever design touches like pullout dog bowls. The seating is gorgeous, and it's all very luxurious. Frankly, I'd like to bug out in one right now.

That brings us to the catch. See, all this excellence can't come cheap, and indeed it doesn't with the Bowlus Terra Firma. This bad boy will set you back a not-insubstantial $265,000, and orders are being accepted now for 2022 -- obviously, this is a commitment to a different kind of lifestyle, but I'm ready.

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Correction, 8:43 a.m. PT: A previous version of this story incorrectly described the trailer's batteries. The Terra Firma uses lithium-iron batteries.