Plug in, turn on, head off (grid) in the Bowlus Road Chief Lithium+

Bowlus claims it's the greenest and most advanced travel trailer in the world, and it's hooked up to a hell of a tow vehicle.

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Not every travel trailer is about roughin' it in The Great Outdoors. Some are about enjoying the finer things in life while being off the grid, and that's what Bowlus specializes in. It's taking its old school, high-end design even further with the introduction of the Road Chief Lithium+, the world's first travel trailer operating under lithium power.

As the name would suggest, it uses a lithium battery to keep its various gadgetry running -- more specifically, a lithium-iron-phosphate battery. Bowlus claims it's two and a half times more effective than absorbent glass mat batteries, and seven times more effective than your average lead-acid battery. It has enough capacity to run everything from the lights to the 8,000-BTU air conditioner.

There's also a 120-watt solar panel included with the trailer, so you can continue to charge your battery while on your adventure. Of course, being a Bowlus Road Chief, the trailer is still positively resplendent, with two skylights, an indoor/outdoor shower and teak interior accents. To remind folks of how fancy it is, Bowlus has teamed up with Bentley for Monterey Car Week and will use a Bentayga SUV as its tow vehicle. Fancy, indeed.

Bowlus will only build 50 of these trailers, so if you want one, you'd best head to Bowlus' website and reserve one. Don't expect it to be cheap, though -- the base price for a standard Road Chief is $137,000, and the lithium battery won't exactly lower the cost. If you'll be around Monterey this week, you can check it out in person, as well.

Bowlus Road Chief Lithium
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