The Boring Company's Las Vegas Loop may be operational by January 2021

The underground electric people mover has a lot to prove when it finally goes into operation.

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Will the Boring Company's underground EVs be enough for the massive influx of people during shows like CES and SEMA?

The Boring Company

Gather around, folks, for CES is once again upon us and as the entire tech industry makes its way to Las Vegas, it's worth remembering that the organization that runs the massive Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) in which CES (and SEMA ) takes place decided to give Elon Musk and his Boring Company nearly $50 million to help get convention attendees from one side of the LVCC to the other.

Now, if you're like us, you probably forgot all about that, because, let's face it, once we saw Elon's demonstration of the Boring Company's product in LA that amounted to Teslas in tunnels, we (like many of you) sort of lost interest. That hasn't stopped the company from plowing ahead with the Las Vegas Loop though, and according to an article published Thursday by Electrek, it could be ready to ferry people in time for CES 2021.

If $50 million seems like a lot of cash for a people mover that should have a total length of around a mile, that's because it is, but the LVCC is massive and is slated to get even bigger as the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) gets ready to open yet another giant hall.

The thing that we're very interested to see is just how well the system copes with the sheer number of human bodies that it will likely be expected to schlep during a show like CES which in 2019 alone attracted over 175,000 people or SEMA which brings in similar numbers.

After all, not having to sprint across the convention center to get to a press conference or a meeting on time sounds cool, but if you have to wait an hour to board the Loop, then it's kind of a pointless exercise, isn't it?

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