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BMW unveils a super-fancy 7 Series with the worst name ever

Who came up with "BMW Individual M760i xDrive Model V12 Excellence THE NEXT 100 YEARS"? And who approved it?

The US doesn't get access to the V-8 or PHEV variants that other markets do.


Brevity is the soul of wit, Shakespeare taught us. In that case, BMW has come up with the most witless name for a car ever. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, BMW unveiled a prestige 7 Series. Its name? "BMW Individual M760i xDrive Model V12 Excellence THE NEXT 100 YEARS." No, I'm not making this up.

The good news is that that name is limited to the specific model we'll be receiving in the US. The name for the whole lineup is "BMW Individual 7 Series THE NEXT 100 YEARS," which isn't that much better. Only 100 of these blue-hued bad boys will be built, five of which will be coming to the US. And they're about as fancy as a BMW 7 Series can get.

BMW Individual is the brand's in-house bespoke division, creating small-batch masterpieces with touches that go beyond what you'll find in dealership inventory. The exterior comes in just one color, with BMW Individual alloy wheels and badging.

While the outside is light on fancy stuff, the interior spares no expense whatsoever. It features full Merino leather upholstery and "THE NEXT 100 YEARS" emblems cover the B-pillars, front seat headrests and dashboard. There's also a "1 of 100" badge just in front of the shifter, in case you want to make sure your friends know why this car cost so much more than any other 7 Series.

BMW Individual 7 Series THE NEXT 100 YEARS

Yeah, you really don't want to be using a fountain pen in here.


The cherry on this sundae of excess isn't even related to cars. With your purchase, you'll receive a custom Montblanc fountain pen, which matches the car. But I'd advise you not to risk using the pen if you're anywhere near the car's pristine interior -- unless you like living on the wild side.

The 100-car production run will be split between three different engines, only one of which will be coming to the US. We'll get the same 12-cylinder engine found in the M760Li, but other markets can opt for V-8 or plug-in-hybrid drivetrains, as well. The car will be available by the end of the year.