BMW ad hints in-car sex is part of our self-driving future

The racy ad implies anything will be possible with self-driving cars -- even sex.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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BMW Vision iNext

Will self-driving cars change the way humans, ya know, "do it?"


We don't yet know how self-driving cars will change the way we commute and operate as a society. We can all take a guess, but that's as good as it gets for now.

While so many automakers will lay out bright and shiny futures of mobility for all, latest take on future autonomy is far more, shall we say, intimate. In a new Twitter video that advertises the Vision iNext concept vehicle, the German automaker said "new moments of joy" are on the horizon.

Enough beating around the bush: BMW is strongly hinting that in-car sex will absolutely be a thing.

The quick video shows a scene of a couple kissing and getting more intimate before taking things on the road. Suddenly, we're transported to a scene of the Vision iNext concept, presumably carrying the couple inside. The ad doesn't ever explicitly show the two inside the vehicle, but as a police vehicle motors by, the red and blue lights appear to light the steamy scene. Just like that, the video is over.

This is certainly one of the first times any automaker has gotten so brash in advertising the freedom self-driving cars will bring. Largely, those freedoms have focused on giving time back to the driver (now passenger) with the ability to read, watch a movie or even talk to passengers without needing to focus on driving at all. The production iNext SUV will offer Level 4 autonomy by 2021, BMW previously promised.

Perhaps BMW is just speaking the truth. It shouldn't surprise you, and it doesn't surprise me, that sex is on a person's radar after taking the task of driving out of the equation. Nevertheless, it's a racy ad that should get many talking. And in advertising, that's precisely the point.

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