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BMW debuts 2 very cool new electric scooter concepts that it won't build

But that doesn't mean it won't have someone else build them instead.

These electric scooters offer plenty of innovation and cool styling, to boot.

BMW has been hard at work on two-wheeled electric vehicles of late, and that seems to go even beyond radical cyberpunk-looking mopeds, according to an announcement the company made Monday, which shows two new urban mobility vehicle concepts (read: scooters) designed for use in cities.

The first of these is a cool-looking tricycle design with a cargo platform and a seat, making it ideal for downtown delivery drivers. It's called the Dynamic Cargo, and that modular platform looks like it'd take a whole stack of pizzas or a stack of packages, no problem. The second is a stand-up scooter (think Bird scooter meets origami) called Clever Commute that you can fold for convenient first-mile-last-mile transportation.

Both models will have user-swappable batteries that can be easily removed and charged in your home, which is handy. While we don't have any details on either model's battery pack, we suspect that charging is something you'll want to do regularly, you know?

Unfortunately, BMW isn't planning to build either of these technological terrors itself, but instead, it is currently putting feelers out for partner companies that can do the manufacturing under license.

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