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BMW is offering over-the-air software updates on select new models

The newest Bimmers can reportedly already take advantage of these updates as well as other new functionality from the BMW ConnectedDrive store.

BMW's new 8 Series is among the new models that can take advantage of these over-the-air updates.

Nick Miotke/Roadshow

It used to be that getting your car's software updated meant scheduling an appointment with your dealer and sitting around while a guy plugged a computer into your car and charged you an hour of labor to do 10 minutes worth of work.

Thankfully, that's becoming a thing of the past for some automakers. Tesla really kicked off the over-the-air-update trend in earnest, but now BMW is jumping on the bandwagon for owners of some of its newer vehicles, according to a report Monday by

Specifically, BMWs with Operating System 7.0 will be able to take advantage of these new over-the-air updates, and BMW won't make you pay anything extra to get them, unlike its take on things like Apple CarPlay.

The first update for eligible vehicles includes BMW Intelligent Assistant, which grants a ton of additional features and is essentially BMW's take on Siri or Google Assistant. Other updates will affect the various advanced driver assistance features on the vehicle, but there will also be downloadable features, apps and more on BMW's ConnectedDrive store.

Currently, the vehicles in BMW's lineup that have access to the remote feature include the brand new 3 Series, the 8 Series and the new X5.

BMW didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

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