BMW teases new Z4 ahead of Pebble Beach debut

BMW hasn’t said what car it is yet, but come on, it's the Z4

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Yep, that's a grille, alright.


The auto industry isn't the best at surprises. Even though we haven't been faced with a drawn-out teaser campaign (hello, Demon), it's all but guaranteed that we know what new-car debut BMW has in store for this year's Monterey Car Week.

BMW has sent out a teaser for the new-car debut that will take place at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance on Aug. 23 in California, as part of the Monterey Car Week festivities. The teaser shows off part of BMW's hallmark kidney grille, and while its innards are on full display, the rest of the car's body is still swathed in camouflage.

The Bavarian powerhouse hasn't said what will debut, but all signs point to the reincarnation of the Z4 roadster. Built as part of a joint venture between BMW and , the shared chassis will go on to underpin not only the new Z4, but also the new Supra that we've seen in various forms over the past six months. If it's anything like the Concept Z4, it'll be a good one.

If the Z4 doesn't show up at Pebble Beach, email me for my home address and I will gladly eat whatever hat you want to send me. The Z4 won't be the only Bimmer at Pebble Beach, though -- the automaker will also trot out the new M850i xDrive flagship sports , in addition to the M8 Gran Coupe, both of which will be making their North American debuts. 

We'll have plenty of boots on the ground in Monterey, so keep your eyes peeled to Roadshow over the next few weeks.

BMW Concept Z4 brings Bimmer roadster back from the dead

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