BMW, Mini recall 3,501 cars for potentially faulty charging cables

Unwanted shocks are not only unpleasant, they're dangerous.

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In the meantime, affected owners might want to stick to established charging stations instead of relying on their own cords.


Not all recalls involve the cars themselves. Sometimes, like in case, the recall is for a separate component that may have shipped with the cars in question.

BMW and its subsidiary Mini have issued a recall for 3,501 vehicles. The recall covers the following plug-in hybrids and electric cars :

The issue doesn't stem from the cars themselves, but rather from their TurboCord portable charging cables. BMW received a batch of potentially faulty charging cables, which may have been included with the aforementioned vehicles at BMW's vehicle distribution centers, the first place a vehicle lands when it's imported. The cables may contain incompatible capacitors inside, and if they fail, it may cause a "thermal event" (read: lots of heat or maybe a fire) or present a shock hazard. Neither is exactly ideal.

BMW's supplier, Webasto, first notified BMW of a potential issue in late August. Less than one month later, BMW decided to issue a voluntary recall. BMW has not been told of any injuries or fires related to the issue thus far.

Owners will be notified by first-class mail starting on Nov. 12. If owners purchased the cable as an option, they will be asked to return it to the dealer, which will replace it at no charge. If an owner already paid for a replacement, they are eligible to seek reimbursement.

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