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We drift and slide in the BMW M5 at CES 2018

And capture it all in 360-degree video with GoPro's fusion camera.


There are a lot of crazy demos at CES 2018 vying for your attention, but BMW's definitely makes the most noise.

Burning a whole lot of rubber, BMW is doing autocross drives in the M5 on a closed course right outside the Las Vegas Convention Center. Pro drivers Johan Schwartz and Matt Mullins took me for a literal spin around the track, complete with donuts and drifting.

Schwartz recently set a new Guinness World Record for the greatest distance vehicle drift in 8 hours: 232.5 miles around a skid pad. During that continuous drift the car needed refueling, so BMW partnered with Detroit Speed to make a custom dry break fuel system that could fill the tank mid-drift.

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To capture the ride experience, we stuck a GoPro Fusion 360 camera on the dash to see what it's like to ride with these drivers. But because 360 footage can be somewhat cumbersome to share easily, GoPro's OverCapture feature lets you effectively reframe and "reshoot" footage after it has been taken. 

In the app, tap the OverCapture button to start the process, then start recording and manipulate the angle and reframe the shot. The resulting clip is a 1080p video that can be shared more easily than the original 360 and gives you more flexibility in how you present the video.

Previously available on PC, the feature is now available on iPhones and iPads, and is coming soon to Android devices. A similar recapture experience is found on other 360 cameras, including those from Rylo and Insta360.

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