BMW M celebrates 50th anniversary, dusts off retro colors and new badge

The M division celebrates the milestone in 2022, and BMW's already prepping for the celebrations with throwback cues for its M-badged cars.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
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BMW M 50th anniversary

It's going to be a good year for M fans.


The BMW M division is 50 years old in 2022, and BMW showed off what's in store to help celebrate the milestone. On Wednesday, the company revealed a throwback badge and some very cool color options coming to M-badged cars next year.

The badge recalls the classic "BMW Motorsports" emblem seen on plenty of vintage BMW beasts from back in the day. The standard BMW badge remains, but the iconic M hashmark colors encircle the emblem. It's a lovely, thoughtful touch. Every proper M model (think M3, M4, X3 M and so on) produced from March 2022 onward will feature this badge on the front, rear and on the wheels. Customers can also specifically request this badge starting in Jan. 2022. It will also be optional for the lineup that isn't a full-throated M-mobile, and available for the M340i, M440i and the like.

We don't have photos of all the options yet on modern M cars, but BMW also shared it will produce its line of M cars with 50 "iconic and historically significant" paint colors. The hues will be offered on select models for 2022 and include excellent shades such as Dakar Yellow, Fire Orange, Daytona Violet, Macao Blue and Imola Red.

That's not all, however. BMW plans to introduce the world to its first electrified "high-performance" M model during this anniversary year and a special version of the M4 coupe is coming. In addition, the German brand's in late-stage development of the next-generation M2. Really, it's going to be a year full of treats for the M faithful.

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