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BMW iX electric SUV gets a trip to the Arctic Circle for cold weather testing

The vehicle's engineers are proving its cold weather capabilities as well as calibrating its suspension and all-wheel drive system.

BMW's iX will produce 500 horsepower and offer 372 miles of range on the WLTP cycle.

It's been a month since BMW introduced its iX electric SUV to the motoring public, but that doesn't mean that those clever folks from Munich haven't been busy. In fact, according to an announcement made Tuesday by BMW, they've been busy while also freezing their asses off, figuratively speaking.

See, the engineers from BMW are currently in Scandinavia finalizing the iX's extreme cold weather testing. This means that they're ironing out the last wrinkles in suspension and drivetrain tuning while also verifying that the vehicle will perform flawlessly even in extremely nasty conditions.

Hopefully, the end result will be an electric SUV that handles like a BMW should, and which should have no trouble managing the 500 horsepower output of its motors with the weight of its battery pack.

BMW estimates that the iX will return a range of 372 miles on the more generous European WLTP cycle under ideal conditions. What the extreme cold does to that range should be interesting, as will the range estimates under the EPA cycle.

The BMW iX is set to enter production in late 2021 for an on-sale date sometime in 2022.

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