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BMW iNext EV teases a big ol’ curved screen inside

Think of it like Mercedes-Benz's "surfboard" screen layout, but a bit fancier.

It seems like there won't be an obvious "split" between each side of the display like on current Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

BMW's upcoming iNext electric crossover isn't set to enter production until 2021, so it makes sense why BMW hasn't offered up much information on it yet, save for some teaser images in the snow. Today, we get a hint about what lies inside.

BMW on Tuesday previewed the centerpiece of the iNext's interior: a massive curved display. In its press release, BMW says that this big single screen will serve as the primary control element in the interior, although it's unclear if every function (including things like climate control) will be accessible through this screen. We'll have to wait for some more teasers to figure that out.

With the mounting point located directly behind the screen, it'll likely appear to float above the dashboard, a design element that's been growing in popularity as automakers shove ever-larger screens into cars.

By the sounds of it, the screen will have a place directly in front of the driver for the most pertinent information, like many dual-screen setups that have grown to include the gauge cluster. BMW says that while the design may make the whole system appear oriented toward the driver, the passenger will still be able to make extensive use of what's on the infotainment system. The automaker claims passengers and drivers will be able to swap specific bits of info between both sides of the screen, which would represent a pretty dramatic departure from BMW's current iDrive infotainment system.

The BMW iNext will enter production in Dingolfing, BMW's largest production facility, in 2021. It'll be the automaker's first proper EV crossover, likely doing battle against the Mercedes-Benz EQC and the Audi E-Tron. We're still not sure about any specifications, but knowing BMW, the automaker should have more than a few teasers remaining between now and its debut date.

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