BMW i3 EV is getting a bougie interior at CES

The i3 is putting on its fancy pants.

Pretty bougie, fancy, swanky -- whatever you wanna call it.

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If you're in Las Vegas in January for CES 2020, you can climb aboard a very fancy BMW i3. The German luxury carmaker said on Thursday that it's built a small fleet of i3 "urban suite" models with totally overhauled interiors that cater to the rear-seat passenger. Call it bougie, luxurious or whatever you like, but it looks pretty darn nice.

This wasn't just a job that saw BMW toss some nicer materials inside. Instead, the only things that remain the same between an i3 sporting the urban suite interior and a traditional model are the driver's seat and dashboard. BMW redid everything else with the focus on just a single back-seat passenger.

There's a comfy lounge chair in the rear now with a footrest taking up space where the front passenger would typically sit, and a screen can fold down from the headliner. To the left of the passenger is a small desk space with a reading lamp, and it appears the cupholders can be heated or cooled -- noting the colored rings in the center console -- depending on the beverage.

BMW i3 urban suite for CES

Looks like any other i3 from the outside.


This is supposed to be a scaled-down version of a boutique hotel, BMW said, and I won't lie, it looks pretty nice. Hardly the most effective way to move people around town, but probably one of the comfier methods.

Since the i3 is BMW's first electric car in production, it carries a bit of a halo around it. Thus, the automaker says, it ensured all the upgrades it made were responsible. Recycled material, for example, was chosen for the olive and tan interior and the floor mats are made of additional reusable material.

BMW will release a special app to hail one of these suites on wheels during CES, which kicks off on Jan. 7. There, the automaker said it has more news to share.

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